• 328 Lessons

    Discipleship Bible Study

    In today's world it is so important to know what truth is; to know who God is; to know and understand the Bible, and to know and understand who we are in Christ. If our foundation is not solid, we can easily be deceived by false teachings. It is our closeness with Jesus that enables us to navigate these uncertain times peacefully, for we learn to trust and rely on Him as we grow deeper in wisdom and understanding. The Holy Spirit is our helper, as He provides us with insight and revelation in the Word of the Lord. Join us as we journey through the Word...

  • 3 Lessons

    Prophetic Art – Introduction & Activation

    Learn how to build up the body of Christ and expand God’s Kingdom through Prophetic Art.

    Level of experience: Suitable for all levels of experience

  • 4 Lessons

    Prophetic Visions

    Receiving visions from God can be very adventurous and exciting! Visions are one of the ways in which God speaks to us. This short course is designed to answer some of those questions you might have regarding visions and to also propel you forward in your journey of discovering that prophetic visions are accessible to you as "His sheep hears His voice". You too can "tune-in" to receive prophetic visions from the Lord.

  • 5 Lessons

    Strategic Prayer

    In this course, we look in detail at scriptures and put together the framework that God laid out regarding how to pray and what to pray for according to His Word. Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. When we invite Him to teach us, He does. Praying with the Holy Spirit keeps things exciting and fresh. Prayers open the way for deeper intimacy with our beautiful God.

  • 41 Lessons

    Tuning In – Steps To Hearing God’s Voice

    Do you struggle to hear God's voice? Do you often feel like your prayers are a "one-way" communication lane? Or do you perhaps hear God speak to you but you want to tune in more prophetically, experiencing Him talking with you every day and being able to share prophetic words with others? Then this course is for you.