Become an Ambassador and inspire others!

Are you a faithful messenger of God, inspiring others to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly? Apply to be an Ambassador in EagleHub™! 

Join hands with like-hearted ministries to equip believers in their walk with Jesus. EagleHub is a safe space for believers seeking truth and growth amidst a world of misinformation. Together, we create resources and tools to empower believers to discern truth and make disciples worldwide. 


Inspiring Ministry Through Connection

Forge meaningful connections within your ministry and among fellow messengers of God at EagleHub. Utilize profiles, messages, social feeds, and Zoom to build strong connections and unlock exclusive features. 


Create Tailored Groups

Craft customized groups to suit your ministry's needs as an Ambassador. Design main groups with subgroups or distinct groups and manage their accessibility—public, private, or hidden. You have full control, appointing moderators and organizers as needed. Schedule Events, Zoom Access: Manage groups, sharing, and Zoom features with ease. 


Empower Through Resources

Empower growth in EagleHub with diverse resources—documents, videos, blogs, and online courses. Create rich, interactive courses using our platform. Track engagement, quizzes, and certificates effortlessly via your Instructor Dashboard. Earn a 50% commission on sales from impactful courses. Share teachings through accessible blogs, featured in the news feed. 

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Want EagleHub as an app on your mobile phone? Simply add EagleHub to your mobile home screen. It works just like an app. Watch this video for instructions as to how to add EagleHub as an app on your mobile.


Ready to apply?

Simply fill out an application form to get started. After review, if approved, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours, marking your qualification for the final step: a Zoom meeting with the Director of EagleHub. This ensures our ambassadors align with our Jesus-centered vision and protects our community. Let's soar together!



Let's pave the way. We envision a 'Nehemiah wall' – a collective effort where the body of Christ unites, grows, and stands together against the adversary. Working side by side, we can strengthen our sections and uplift each other's, creating something extraordinary. 

It begins with unity among leaders. When leaders stand united, sharing their platforms and gifts, it sets an example for those they lead. Your influence is profound, guiding others where you go. 

We acknowledge the hard work in your ministry and don't want to disrupt it. We simply aim for unified leadership to inspire a unified people. Will you join us in building this 'Nehemiah wall'?" 

We want to help you financially

It can be challenging to rely on "giving" and "monetization platforms" to receive income to help keep you up and running. We've created a unique way to support you financially! Become an Ambassador and join our affiliate program for free. Share your special link with your followers, and for every subscription they join using your link, you get 30% cash back for life. For instance, if 200 of your followers join, that's AUD$1380 per month! It's a win-win, helping ministries and members alike. Learn more now! 


We safeguard our EagleHub community

with Jesus at the center, focusing on nurturing His children in a place where the Bible's purity is honoured. 

Troublemakers, false teachers, or anyone causing division against Jesus or the Gospel will be removed. Our community relies on members to report any 'wolves in sheep's clothing'. If spreading falsehood or seeking personal gain is your aim, this isn't the platform for you. 

We welcome genuine Jesus lovers, standing together to bless and encourage fellow believers. By joining EagleHub, you agree to follow our Community Guidelines. 

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