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Are you...

...passionate about Jesus and seeking a community to journey, learn, and

share life's experiences with? Well, you've found your spot! EagleHub™ has been crafted just for you! 

 EagleHub™—a new online social community tailor-made, where believers gather, connect, and thrive together...

A platform created and run by those who love Jesus

A platform that is Jesus Christ centered & focussed

No "competition" or "popularity contest" platform

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Join believers dedicated to walking with Jesus. 

Send messages, join groups, and engage with content. 

Pray and support others in the EagleHub Global Prayer group. 

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Growing Together

Ministries join forces to nurture community members. 

Access teachings, courses, and discussions and more.  

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Be Equipped

Find refuge from censorship in a secure online space. 

Access authentic teachings without deception. 

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This is a is a platform where God's teachings aren't censored. Our goal is to create a platform that doesn't rely on ads for profit, ensuring you can explore, connect, and share without being bombarded.  

EagleHub™ allows for your experience to be uniquely yours! 

  • Upload your photo and cover image 
  • Personalize your profile details 
  • Share posts publicly, with connections, or keep private 
  • Adjust notification settings 
  • Add photos, documents, Favorites, and notes 
  • Exchange private messages 
  • Control who contacts you by blocking/unblocking 
  • Manage your membership and subscription 
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- Membership -

Choose from three membership options. Enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee with our paid memberships. They're hassle-free and can be cancelled anytime through your account settings or by emailing us. 

Affiliate Only



  • Open to everyone
  • Receive a personal Affiliate dashboard
  • Earn 30% recurring cash for referred members
  • Cancel anytime
  • No lock-in contracts

*To access EagleHub's social platform you need an active EagleHub paid Membership account.

EagleHub Membership

AUD$23 monthly


  • Anyone who loves Jesus can join
  • Full access to EagleHub
  • Join groups, take courses, read blogs, attend events for free
  • Connect with believers, develop spiritual gifts, grow with Jesus
  • Personalize your profile
  • Control who contacts you
  • Manage your membership and subscription
  • Cancel anytime

Ambassador Membership

AUD$57 monthly


  • Application required
  • Full access to EagleHub
  • Ambassadors equip members in EagleHub
  • Create ministry groups, courses, blogs, and events in EagleHub
  • Ambassadors hold leadership roles
  • Control who contacts you
  • Cancel anytime

Download EagleHub™ on your mobile...

Want EagleHub as an app on your mobile phone? Simply add EagleHub to your mobile home screen. It works just like an app. Watch this video for instructions as to how to add EagleHub as an app on your mobile.


Here is what some of our EagleHub members have said about our platform:

Ready to join EagleHub™?

Our aim is simple...

To empower believers to grow and then go out and expand the Kingdom. Here, those eager to deepen their walk with Christ find a nurturing space to rest, heal, learn, and become stronger. Equipped with a deep understanding of Christ's love and armed with the tools to be effective, our goal is to send empowered individuals out into the world to make a positive impact and spread the message of Christ.  

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